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More than 20 years of workforce training in adhesive bonding technology

Adhesive bonding will become the joining technology of

the 21



Last year Fraunhofer IFAM celebrated a very special anniversary: 20 years of giving training

courses in adhesive bonding technology. Prof. Dr. Andreas Groß has been involved from the very

outset. He is Head of the Workforce Training and Technology Transfer Department at Fraunhofer

IFAM into which the “Center for Adhesive Bonding Technology” is integrated. In this interview

with “adhäsion” he describes the success of the adhesive bonding training courses and gives

insight into the future.

Prof. Groß: Was it your own idea, more than 20 years ago, to start offering supra­

company workforce training courses in adhesive bonding technology?

No, it was very much a shared idea. I started working at Fraunhofer IFAM in 1987. My third

business trip was to Berlin for a work group meeting involving representatives from R&D or-

ganizations, industrial associations, adhesive manufacturers, and adhesive users. The reason

for the meeting was to address the following question: What needs to be done in order to make

the industrial use of adhesives more successful and more sustainable? When nobody knows

why it hasn’t stuck, it’s (of course) all the adhesive’s fault!

Was this a necessity or part of the business model of Fraunhofer IFAM?

Above all it was necessity! We had to get away from the belief that “anybody can use an adhesive

successfully”. We had to get away from the thought that “even children in the kindergarten can

use adhesives”. We had to

get away from taking nega-

tive everyday thoughts about

adhesives into the profes-

sional arena, namely know-

ing that “universal adhe-

sives” cannot actually bond

all materials. Indeed, there is

no such thing as a “universal

screw” – and that is some-

thing everybody understands.

The driving force was clear - to

promote the development of

industrial adhesive bonding

technology with the help of

training courses and so pro-

mote industrial innovation.


Brief profile

Prof. Dr. Andreas Groß is Head of the Workforce Training

and Technology Transfer Department at Fraunhofer

IFAM into which the “Center for Adhesive Bonding Tech-

nology” is integrated. In addition, he heads various work

groups on quality assurance in adhesive bonding tech-

nology in the Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und ver-

wandte Verfahren e.V. (DVS), DIN/FSF, and CEN TC 256.

He is also chairman of the work group on adhesive bon-

ding in accordance with DIN 6701, a member of the

Technical Committee of the Industrieverband Klebstoffe

e. V., and deputy spokesperson of the management com-

mittee of the Fraunhofer Academy (FA).