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Dear Reader,

Adhesive bonding technology is without a doubt a key technology of the 21


century. Today,

there is hardly any industry or business segment that does not rely on the use of this innova-

tive, reliable joining technology. Adhesive bonding is indispensable when it comes to joining

different materials while preserving their characteristics and offering long-term stability. The

possibilities for new, reliable construction methods could not be implemented without the use of

innovative adhesive systems. Beyond the actual joining process, additional characteristics can

also be integrated into bonded components, for instance by balancing the dynamics of different

joined parts, or providing corrosion protection, vibration absorption or sealing against liquids

and gases. More than any other joining technology, adhesive bonding facilitates the implemen-

tation of sophisticated designs due to an optimum combination of technological, economic and

ecological aspects. Adhesive bonding technology is utilised without exception by all sectors of

industry from A to Z.

The German Adhesives Association (Industrieverband Klebstoffe e. V., IVK) is the world’s largest

and, in terms of its comprehensive portfolio of services, the world’s leading national association

in the field of adhesive bonding technology. It represents the technical and economic interests

of currently 136 adhesive, sealant, raw material and adhesive tape manufacturers, as well as

important system partners and scientific institutes.

Together with its sister associations – the Association of the Swiss Adhesive and Sealant Indus-

try (FKS), the Austrian Association for Flooring Adhesives (FCIO) and the Dutch Adhesives and

Sealant Association (VLK) – the German Adhesives Association gives an insight into the world of

the adhesives industry in this compendium.

One of the main tasks of our associations is to provide regular information on adhesive bond-

ing as a key technology, as well as on manufacturers of innovative adhesive systems and the

activities of the industry’s organisations. This compendium contains important facts about the

adhesive industry and its associations, as well as information about the extensive product and

service profiles of adhesives manufacturers, important system partners and scientific institutes.

Together with the publisher of “adhäsion KLEBEN & DICHTEN”, we are pleased to present the



edition of our Adhesives Technology Compendium.

Ansgar van Halteren

Senior Executive of

Industrieverband Klebstoffe e.V.

Dr. Boris Tasche

President of

Industrieverband Klebstoffe e.V.